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…We also see profound interconnection between human bodies, especially our immune systems. Remember the last time someone coughed in a crowded room or sneezed in an elevator? And how about the people who leave the bathroom without washing their hands? We know, almost without being told, that their germs are spreading and threatening our health.

But there’s a wider meaning here. Humans are constantly exchanging microorganisms with one another and in this sense, our personal immune systems are actually parts of a much larger, networked meta-system. My health depends, not just on my behavior and my relationship to the microbial world, but on the efficiencies of other immune systems in my neighborhood, community and workplace. If my neighbor’s immunity is compromised for some reason, the microbial challenge eventually gets shifted onto everyone else. Like it or not, we are all participating in the same struggle against the microbial world; immunity is a community enterprise.

Moving to a macro level, we see a massive interconnection between individual human bodies and habitat. We are constantly engaged in a chemical and energy exchange with surrounding plants, animals, air and soil. Everything that we eat, drink and breathe is touched and transformed by other organisms around us. And yet, in an age of industrial agriculture, we forget this simple fact. When farms and factories are hundreds or thousands of miles away, we develop a delusion of individual autonomy and forget our connection to the rest of life…

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Meillä vieraili taas flunssa-aalto. Semmoisena ultralite-versiona. Mies oli viikonlopun reporankana, röhi ja kerjäsi sääliä (mutta ei kehittänyt kuumetta). Normikonsteillani (nenähuuhtelu, höyryhengitys, kasvishedelmä-smoothie, vyöhyketerapia ja hellyys) hän parani maanantaihin mennessä kuten kunnon duunarin kuuluukin. Sen seurauksena tietysti munkin kropassani alkoi pöpötaistelu. Käsivarsia ja päätä särkee, mahaakin välillä – ja väsyttää. En ole kipeä, enkä ihan tervekään. Tänään kuitenkin vaikuttaa siltä, että taas kerran kroppani tainnutti yritteliään flunssapöpön.