Tutkijat kävivät läpi 77 tutkimusta Tai Chi’stä ja Qigongista. Ja totesivat niiden molempien kiistattoman terveyshyödyn. Varsinkin luuston ja sydämen terveydelle molemmat olivat hyväksi.

Arizona State Professor Linda Larkey said, “We see this as moving the understanding of the potential of Qigong and Tai Chi forward, with an emphasis on combining the evidence across these practices.” The studies they reviewed focused on psychological symptoms, cardiopulmonary effects, quality of life, immune function, accidental falls, bone density and physical function. They were conducted between 1993 and 2007 in thirteen different countries. The number of participants in all the studies was 6,410.

Their study says, “The strongest, most consistent evidence is demonstrated for effects on bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, some aspects of physical function, QOL, self-efficacy, and factors related to falls prevention.” Other good news is that the health benefits can be achieved even with the less complicated Tai Chi routines . Said Dr. Shin Lin, “The research studies reviewed here showed that simplified routines that are more practical…are in fact quite effective in health enhancement.”