”I had lost 22lbs, all of it muscle mass, and was so weak I couldn’t walk 20 yards by myself. I was on anti-depression medication, sleeping pills, voltaren jabs, anti-coagulation jabs, pain pills; it was ridiculous. As soon as I got home I took myself off anti-depression and sleeping tablets, and resisted pain medication as long as possible…although there were often time when I was in so much pain I had to take them. It took me 4 days to sleep without sleeping pills.

I asked the neurosurgeon and the orthopedic surgeon when I would be able to get back to exercising in the gym. ”Why would you want to do that?” was the answer. This after my original surgeon had attributed my upper body strength to me still being alive. Ironic huh. Swimming only and not yet. – – –

We are all born with a brain and the growing ability to use it. It makes sense to me at least that in terms of attitude we all have the same potential. I personally have made a habit of embracing adversity past, present and future because how can we possibly discover our full potential without going through pain to get there?

Intense pain, both physical and emotional, simply makes you stronger because it shows you have the ability to endure. For me it was a case of, this has happened, nothing I can do except allow it to make me stronger. Our walk on this planet can only take us two ways, forward and backwards, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to go backwards. Then it’s a case of thought processes. I don’t have to look at the big picture beyond having an unshakeable belief that I will be healthy, stronger and fitter than I was before. From there it’s just one step at a time…forward.

Now the key to all this is the easiest part. Changing your mind by saying, ”I am going to be the best that I can be every day.” Then changing your heart by feeling …”I have made the decision to be the best, there is no discussion.” Get out of the door.

Yes you will feel down, yes of course you will have pain and yes of course you won’t feel like getting out of the door, but you do it anyway because that’s what champions do, and I honestly believe there is a champion inside each one of us.

Now in essence everybody on this planet has the ability to think this through and then make a decision to change, and all it takes is that decision. From this moment on ”I WILL!” is the mantra. There will be times you slip and times you don’t do what you’re supposed to but as long as that decision has been made, you KEEP moving forward towards your dream. You haven’t failed if you miss a goal, you can only fail when you STOP moving forward. NOTHING is ever accomplished in one day.

— I think the difficulty is that people can’t see themselves getting past the physical or emotional pain of today.”

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