I hope you can see by now that the carbohydrate hypothesis of obesity is not only incorrect on a number of levels, but may even be backward. The reason why obesity and metabolism researchers don’t take Taubes’s idea seriously is that it is contradicted by a large body of evidence from multiple fields. I understand that people like ideas that ”challenge conventional wisdom” as the GCBC book cover states, but the fact is that obesity is a complex problem and it will not be shoehorned into simplistic hypotheses.

Carbohydrate consumption per se is not behind the obesity epidemic. However, once overweight or obesity is established, carbohydrate restriction can aid fat loss in some people. The mechanism by which this occurs is not totally clear, but it has nothing to do with removing the supposed suppressive effect of insulin on fat release from fat cells.

Carbohydrate restriction spontaneously reduces calorie intake as does fat restriction, suggesting the possibility that it alters body fat homeostasis, but this alteration likely occurs in the brain, not in the fat tissue itself. The brain is the primary homeostatic regulator of fat mass, just as it homeostatically regulates blood pressure, breathing rate, and body temperature. This has been known since the brain lesion studies of the 1950s, and the discovery of leptin in 1994 cemented leptin’s role as the main player in body fat homeostasis. In some cases, the setpoint around which the body defends these variables can be changed e.g., hypertension, fever, and obesity. Research is ongoing to understand how this process works.

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Erinomainen analyysi Gary Taubesin insuliini&lihavuus -teoriasta, joka on aivan liian yksinkertaistettu vastatakseen todellisuutta – tai kestääkseen tieteellisen tarkastelun. Insuliiniteoriasta olen kirjoittanut itsekin (ajatteluni on muuttunut lisääntyneen tiedon myötä), mutta missään vaiheessa en ole esittänyt, että KAIKKI hiilihydraatit olisivat lihottavia.

Kuten Maanantaisotureissa kirjoitan (muistinvaraisesti lainaten): ”Hiilihydraatit eivät ole vihollisia, vain roskahiilihydraatit ja ne joita ei fyysisellä aktiivisuudella kuluteta, ovat vihollisia.”